Sister Friend (An indulgent blog!)

I remember the days of fighting non-stop over vitally important issues like who got to wear high heels first, who's turn it was to get out the car and open the gate (seriously!), who got to ride shotgun, and who was generally the all round better sibling. Those days were so exhausting, and when I look back now - such an incredible waste of time spent fighting the inevitable.

No relationship ever truly stands a chance of surviving through perpetuity unless the foundations are solid enough to withstand the impact of a few challenging blows. And believe me - we certainly had our fair share of those! But we bounced back. It took years of sarcastic remarks, quick judgements,cross communication, general interference and a mutual lack of tolerance and understanding  of each others lives, to get to where we are today. AND I can say, with ABSOLUTE authority that if the relationship wasn't worth it, it would never have survived those tumultuous early years!!

Today, I couldn't imagine my life without my sister. Without her unconditional love, her non-judgemental support, her willing ear, her no-question-I'm-on-your-side attitude. By allowing our friendship to evolve (one hysterical business trip and one drunken night later!!), my life has changed. Irrevocably. The thing is - we GET each other. Like no one else does. And the feeling that I'm not alone in how I view life, based on our mutual history, is one of the most valuable affirmations in my life.

My sister gave me the courage to take the plunge and go back to work. To prove to myself (and the rest of the nay sayers!) that I COULD be multifaceted - a mom, wife, daughter, friend AND an EMPLOYEE! Working with her is the best thing I ever did. Aside from being a fantastic business woman (big admiration here!), she understands the conflict, the restraints, the guilt, and the responsibility of being a working mom. This is huge. Any working mom will testify to this fact.

Gushiness over - we do still have our difference of opinion, we argue, grumble, fall out, have our moments of tears (mine), but oddly enough, these further prove how far we have come. She is generally my first call with good news, bad news and to husband-bash. Simply put, my sister is my best friend. Just Saying...