Big Girl Pants

VENT!!! We all need to blow off steam at some point in our lives (or in my case lately, at some point in my day!!) SO in an effort to be constructive about it, I have decided to not vent about each specific, annoying, irritating, hurtful, stinging, frustrating (no over dramatising here!!), incident, but to let it all out now - and move on.

Everyone lets you down in some way or another, this I have realised. Unfortunately some of those "let downs" have lasting repercussions, and lead to long term consequences. To date, I can honestly say that I am an inarguable doormat. Simple. Let me down, break your promises, be creative with the truth, disappoint me, make me feel second best, take me for granted, put me down, remember me only when YOU need something, cause me to respect myself less, and guess what? I am STILL here!! Ready to take it on the chin again. Ready to fall into familiar patterns, ready to be THAT person.

Until now. TODAY. Big girl pants are on, and I am taking charge of myself. No more will I be THAT person. I need to look in the mirror and smile, because I haven't let myself down. I am worth more. I know I am. I just need to act like I know that. And today, I feel good.

So this is me, moving on. Moving forward. Being real and true to myself. For the first time in a long time. I'm Just Saying...