Meet Lucy

This is Lucy

After much deliberation, and HUGE speculation, I have finally been allowed to adopt Lucy to live in my office. This is a big deal for me. I am grateful for the chance to prove to everyone that I am in fact, a nurturer. 

My track record is not great, I'll admit. There were two before Lucy, well three to be exact - but I'm not counting the one that didn't even see the first week out (clearly defective & too needy by nature!).  The other two (nameless, so I can disengage myself from the guilt), have been taken away and put back into the system - for their own good, I was told. Apparently they are now thriving under the care of Wouter - he who has the ability to resuscitate any desperate, sad looking, um plant. No comments here. 

So the bets are on, the jokes have started. Lucy must survive and flourish if I am to maintain any credibility as the Human Resources Manager. The person people come to for support, counselling, and yes, nurturing. I accept this challenge, albeit with some trepidation (and a tiny bit of self-doubt!).

And not that I'm defesive or anything, but the ONE dead leaf found after being in my office for a mere morning, was planted there. I'm Just Saying...